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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have definitely come across the increasing popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Music, art, and fashion artists are flocking to the virtual world to increase their presence, broaden their reach, and diversify their revenues via NFTs as the digital landscape expands at a rapid pace.The trading volume of these NFTs increased to 16.67 billion USD in the third quarter of 2021.

However, it has resulted in a number of limitations, including a lack of interoperability, data exchange, and access between two networks. Fortunately, by developing NFT multi-chain platforms, these difficulties can be addressed.
To remove restrictions that hinder, Centaurus launched a multi-chain NFT market platform based on Binance Smart Chain, which uses its own BEP-20 coin, CENT, to overcome the limitations.

Utilities of “CENT” tokens
Centaurus is the home of the world’s most refined artists and craftspeople, who list their works in Music, Videos, Games, Virtual Items, Real-world elements, In-game skins, avatars, and a variety of other genres.

Their native coin, CENT, will be offered with Staking utility to earn rewards at the end of their 6 month staking period. These CENT coins can also be used for the yield farming cycle as it offers a much bigger reward.

The governance feature of Centaurus allows users to contribute ideas for improving the site like voting directly on transaction fees, privileged access to new NFTs beforehand and the voting right in the platform concerns.

The firm also supports the burning mechanism to manage the establishment of new tokens into the market and to maintain price stability.

Future scope of “CENT” tokens

Decentralized Exchange has exploded to rewrite the history of financial services. By leveraging borderless decentralised protocols, it has demonstrated a significant gain in speed, cost, savings, and security. And therefore, Centaurus thrives to provide these services for crypto fans with a plethora of financial instruments and possibilities all over the world. The DEX services are undoubtedly poised to usher in the next generation of higher-returning investments.

Centaurus aims to merge the magnificent prowess of POLYGON and BSC’s scalability, transaction speed, and potential to carry the strain of massive internet traffic into their decentralised exchange.

This exchange will adopt an alternative way to buying and selling digital assets, relying on self-executing smart contracts to support trading rather than an intermediary organisation for clearing transactions. It will be beneficial for quick trades at a lesser cost than centralised cryptocurrency exchanges.

Final thoughts

Centaurus team strives to work hard on building the Cross-Chain NFT platform and provide exceptional returns to investors with the least amount of risk and effort. We provide a decentralised NFT marketplace that allows users to easily buy, sell, trade, mint, and stake NFTs.

Check out our ICO and purchase the coins to take advantage of the best cross-chain bridging NFT marketplace available. Have a bright future ahead of you!



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