Boost your Investments For Heftier Rewards with CENT utility tokens

NFTs are a hot topic right now, and they’re likely the fastest-growing category, even quicker than crypto. The NFT business is strengthening with new marketplace releases and incorporations into different other disciplines, including metaverses, as a result of its phenomenal growth and reception. Similarly, Centaurus, an evolving cross-chain NFT marketplace will be launched to support the NFT enthusiasts to transfer their NFT assets without any hurdles.

Centaurus users will be able to Mint, Buy, and Sell NFTs on the platform’s Marketplace. The platform will offer a one-of-a-kind mechanism called the unique cross-chain switch protocol, that allows users to swap NFTs from one blockchain to different blockchains including Polygon, Solana, Tezos, Avalanche, Aave, and others while maintaining the NFT data’s integrity.

CENT — Utilities beyond digital collectibles

As the cross-chain NFT marketplace of Centaurus is being developed by the team, an ICO utility token CENT is launched by the platform to generate the required funds for building the marketplace. The initial owners of CENT will rewarded with multiple benefits such as,

Staking: This feature of CENT is one of the most intriguing features as the native coin of CENTAURUS, offers the Staking functionality to remunerative rewards at the end of their 6-month staking period.

Yield Farming: Parallel to the staking process, these tokens can also be utilized to a much larger payout known as yield farming. CENT coin owners are rewarded through this method after 6 months of the yield farming cycle.

Governance: CENT tokens also serve as the governance token, allowing users to vote on transaction fees, privilege access to new NFTs and voting rights in the platform’s policies.

Burning Mechanism: The CENT token has an excellent token burning mechanism that gradually raises the price of the token over time.

Cross-chain ecosystem: A brief on Centaurus architecture

Users can extract every potential result from our CENTAURUS NFT Marketplace by initially connecting their crypto wallet to the platform to authorize transactions for any NFT they purchase.

Then the minting process happens where the act of imparting a digital identity to customers’ digital or physical assets on any blockchain marketplace happens. Specific qualities are assigned to it, such as scarcity, royalty, creator and owner names, and description to the NFT.

Later, our listing procedure will assist NFT in gaining access to the browsing catalog as well as offer a chance to be noticed by customers.

And finally, users will have the option of bidding on the selected NFT for a limited time (typically 3 days) or purchasing it directly without relying on the Centaurus’ alternatives. Bidding prices are frequently higher than direct buy pricing.


The CENT token will continue to fuel the entire ecosystem in the future. The strong utilities will nurture the token price to rise consistently, providing gratifying returns to early investors.

Check out our ICO and buy the coins to get access to the best cross-chain bridging NFT marketplace on the market. You’ve got a promising future ahead of you!


Missing the CENT is missing your future

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