The stats from NonFungible.com clearly depicts that the total sales of NFTs have skyrocketed to more than $18.30 billion USD. This colossal number shows the serious adoption of NFTs all across the globe. Being the talk-of-the-town concept in today’s crypto sphere, NFT platforms are becoming a boon to talented artists/creators as it recognizes their masterpiece with immutable ownership right. Centaurus, a great believer of blockchain, explores this space to further aid the NFT admirers with its pioneering decentralized NFT platform.

The Modern-Day NFT Platform is here!

Unlike regular NFT platforms in the market, Centaurus is a multi-chain and decentralized NFT platform that is conceived with the objective to provide a seamless NFT trading experience to the users. Initially, the platform will be developed with the Binance Smart Chain network, but soon it will be developed in other leading blockchains to bring in audiences across the different networks. The easy listing and bidding process in the platform allows users to list/buy their NFTs easily within a matter of minutes.

The Powering Unit of Centaurus:

The platform gets even more strengthened with the addition of its native token, CENT. It is a BEP-20 standard token built on the robust Binance Smart Chain network. It is the fueling unit of the platform as it provides quite hefty utilities which aid the users in the best possible way. Apart from being an imperative mode of payment in the NFT platform, it also offers exceptional decentralized services, including staking, yielding, swapping, and other on-demand utilities like governance rights and impressive burning mechanisms.

Exclusive Benefits of Centaurus:

The following are the various perks that users can enjoy in the decentralized NFT platform.

Global Coverage: This NFT platform is open for all enthusiasts worldwide. It brings out world-class creators from different parts of the world and connects them instantly.

High Scalability: Centaurus NFT platform answers the scalability issues with the Binance Smart Chain network. It ensures high scalability, ultra-fast transaction, and low gas fees.

Immutable Ownership Rights: The platform offers immutable ownership rights to the users by storing them in the blockchain.

High Liquidity: Secondary sales is one of the key parameters for the buyers/sellers in every marketplace. Centaurus NFT marketplace allows users to buy and sell seamlessly in the secondary market, thereby providing instant liquidity.

Governance Rights: CENT tokens offer governance attributes to the users where they can vote to decide the financial matters, such as transaction fees.

Rare NFTs: The platform will also provide the participants with rare and unique NFTs, which add a special value to their portfolios.

Summing Up:

The benefits are really cool and exciting, aren’t they? Centaurus capitalizes on the market advantages of NFTs by bridging the gap with decentralized finance. The platform has a committed roadmap to launch their own DEX and make the existing platform interoperable. All you need to do is to purchase the CENT tokens.

Presale is around the corner. Be prepared to claim your CENT token!

Watch the space https://thecentaurus.io/ to stay updated!



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